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Musicians Avoid Age-Related Hearing Loss

Research findings published in the medical journal Psychology and Aging has made an interesting observation regarding age-related hearing loss. It has been found that people who have played a musical instrument throughout their lives are less likely to develop a condition dubbed the "cocktail party problem" – that of being unable to filter out background noise sufficiently to be able to effectively participate in a conversation. This is very often the first symptom of age-related hearing loss, making social occasions awkward and stressful.

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2011 BT Digital Music Awards Nominees

It is that time of year again, and the nominations for the 2011 BT Digital Music Awards have just been released, with Adele leading the pack with no less than six nominations in various categories. The inspiration behind her highly successful album "21" was the heartache of a broken relationship, which she still regrets, but her album has sold millions and has catapulted her to instant stardom, becoming one of the most successful artists on the charts at present. Of course there are various other deserving artists on the nominees list, such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas.

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Billboard Mexican Music Award Finalists

The nominees for the Billboard Mexican Music Awards will be a part of history. The Billboard Music awards have been recognizing the talent and artistic creativity of musicians for ages, but it will be the first time ever that there will be a Billboard Mexican Music Awards ceremony and it will also be aired by the Telemundo Network. One of the artists who is leading the finalist rankings at this stage is Gerardo Ortiz, as he is nominated in ten different categories of the awards. The awards were created to bring recognition to those who contribute greatly to the Mexican music industry.

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Tenth MidPoint Music Festival

The MidPoint Music Festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. It is an independent music festival that was inaugurated in 2002. Two musicians from Cincinnati, namely Sean Rhiney (Clappergirl) and Bill Donabedian (Crosley), founded the festival which was later acquired by an alternative newspaper called the Cincinnati CityBeat in 2008. The first festival drew ten thousand spectators, and as the years went by, the numbers of fans in attendance grew dramatically. The festival takes place over three days, and is hosted annually in the month of September in the downtown district of Cincinnati, as well as in Over-the-Rhine.

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Nominations for Canadian Music Awards

In 1976 the Academy of Country Music Entertainment was established to promote and develop country music in Canada. Its name was changed to the Canadian Country Music Association in 1987. The association hosted their first Canadian Country Music Awards ceremony to honor country music artists in the year 1982. It has recently released its nominations for the 2011 Canadian Country Music Awards, of which Johnny Reid leads the field with no less than six nominations. Other artists such as Gord Bamford, Dean Brody and George Canyon have also received multiple nominations.

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