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Choice Music Awards Shortlist

The Choice Music Awards was established in 2005 by Dave Reid and Jim Carroll and was created in the form of the well known Mercury Awards. A panel of judges is selected to give their votes and opinions in regard to the winner of the award, and does not take record sales, genre or labels into consideration, only the merit of the artistic integrity of the musician or band. The new shortlist of artists and musicians nominated for the Choice Music Prize was recently released and there is a strict criterion for artists to be nominated.

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Jessie J is a Rising Star

The Sound Of list was introduced in the year 2003, with 50 Cent taking the number one slot on the top ten listing. Approximately a hundred and forty music critics, journalist and industry members weigh in on the decision, offer their opinions, and the top spot is then chosen according to the votes. It is run by the BBC and nominates the artist whom the public should look out for and who is considered to be the top up-and-coming act for the year. The Sound of 2011 list has recently been released, and Jessie J has found herself at number one.

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Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum, or MIM, was created out of the passion for music, the role it plays in our daily lives and the fact that music is such an integral part of tradition and history. It is also a cultural feature that is shared by every nation in every country around the world. To make music come to life, instruments are used, and it is therefore vital to pay tribute to the instruments that have brought music to the masses for centuries. The museum strives to educate the public on both new and ancient instruments through its fascinating displays and interactive exhibits.

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Illegal Download Threat

As technology advances more rapidly every year, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep illegal activities to a minimum. And one act that is becoming a growing menace to the music industry is the illegal downloading of songs. Research into illegal downloading was done by the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI), and the facts revealed by the report were staggering. However, there was a little good news shown by the report, that legal music downloads were on the rise, giving the music industry an added boost to music sales.

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Big 4 at Sonisphere Festival 2011

Stuart Galbraith saw the opportunity for creating a new festival while assisting with the organization of the well known Download Festival, and began to develop his ideas into reality. His vision for the Sonisphere Festival only started taking shape after joining Kilimanjaro Live, an events company, and in 2009 the inauguration of the festival took place. The Sonisphere Festival is dedicated to alternative rock, hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal, allowing metal and rock fans to attend a festival designed specifically for them. It also features the Big 4 event during the festival, which has become the highlight of the Sonisphere Festival.

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