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Forbes Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists

Forbes is a name that is known as one of the most foremost media and publishing companies in the world. Its biweekly magazine, Forbes Magazine, concentrates on business and related matters, but it is also known for its lists that expose the wealthiest people on the planet. Forbes Magazine was founded in 1917, by B.C. Forbes and Walter Drey, and over the years, the magazine grew in strength and popularity. Today, it not only lists the billionaires of the world but top earning celebrities and music artists.

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MTV O Music Awards

MTV has announced the founding of a new awards ceremony, which will be called the O Music Awards. There is, however, much secrecy surrounding the awards, not giving fans much to go by, what they will see or how the awards will be allocated. As for categories, there seems to be much speculation regarding the issue as well. The fact that has been confirmed is it that it will take place on 28 April 2011. Head of the MTV Music Group Digital, Dermot McCormack, did answer some questions in regard to the awards, although the information still remains very vague.

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2011 Billboard Music Awards

Along with other music awards, such as the Grammy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards is a highly sought after accolade in the music industry. The event is sponsored by Billboard magazine, and it was recently announced that this year the event will be broadcast again on ABC. In the year 1992, the magazine inaugurated a new award for creative achievement which is viewed as one of the highest honors to receive, namely the Billboard Century Award. Between 2007 and 2010 the awards evenings did not take place and the winners were only released in the press. This year the Billboard Music Awards is back in full swing!

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2011 Cape Town International Jazz Festival

This year will mark the twelfth annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival, an event that jazz lovers should not miss out on. Even those who are not completely sold on jazz attend this festival as it is known for its breathtaking line-ups, wonderful attractions and non-stop entertainment for both adults and children. This year the festival will be hosted at the Cape Town International Conventional Centre on the 25th and 26th of March 2011. Organizers have secured the presence of the international sensation Earth, Wind & Fire to headline the jazz festival.

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Take A Minute World Tour

The well known band Smokie was established in the year 1965. Even though they released albums, it wasn't until 1975, with the release of Changing All The Time, that they found the stardom they had been yearning for. Two of the biggest hits from this album, namely Don't Play Your Rock n Roll to Me and If You Think You Know How To Love Me, are still enjoyed today. The band stayed active over the years, with a few changes in band members, and is now getting ready for their Take A Minute World Tour to promote their latest album.

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