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Golden Duet Found

Ray Charles was born in 1930 and became a pioneer and icon in the music genres of soul, blues and gospel. He also played a significant role in racially integrating the music industry, and in 2004 the world bid farewell to one of its most legendary musicians. Born two years after Ray Charles, in 1932, Johnny Cash passed away a year before Charles, but was a musician with a distinctive voice and is one of the most celebrated country stars ever. His music included folk, rock and roll, blues and gospel. Even though the world saw him as a rebel, there was a softer side to this musical phenomenon.

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CMJ Music Marathon

In previous years, bands and artists such as Enimen, White Stripes, U2, Nirvana and Jet have all made their appearances at the annual CMJ Music Marathon, which is a music festival like no other. It was introduced in the year 1980 and has grown in popularity and attendance with each passing year. It is hosted in New York City, and this year it will be held from the 19th to the 23rd of October 2010. The headquarters of the festival will be at the New York University, and music enthusiasts are in for a real music treat at the 2010 edition of the CMJ Music Marathon.

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2010 American Music Awards Nominees

There are a number of prestigious music awards that are hosted each year, and along with awards such as the Grammys and Billboard Music Awards, is the American Music Awards. The awards were the creation of Dick Clark, who established the American Music Awards, or AMAs, in the year 1973. The inaugural awards ceremony was hosted in 1974. The very first hosts of this thrilling event were Ricky Segall, Rodney Allen Rippy, Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson. The latest list on nominees for the 2010 American Music Awards has just been released and there are a number of artists competing for top position.

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Converse Promotes Music Industry

With ongoing rapid developments in technology, the music industry has had to keep pace and the traditional ways of looking for new talent and marketing new bands have completely fallen by the wayside. Recognizing an opportunity to connect with their target market on a whole new level, shoe producer Converse is set to stamp its sneaker-clad footprint on the music industry in a big way – and in a highly competitive market, new talent has found a well placed supporter.

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Digital Music Awards Ceremony 2010

The Camden Roundhouse was the venue for the tenth BT Digital Music Awards, which was held on 30 September 2010. Inaugurated in the year 2001, the awards are exclusive to the United Kingdom and only the Judges Choice categories are decided by a panel of judges, while the rest of the award winners are decided by the voting public. There are various categories for the awards, such as Best Blog, Best Fan Site and Best Place To Hear Music, and this year there were numerous worthy contenders in the nominations, making it a very difficult decision for all voters.

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