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2010 Kennedy Centre Honors

The 2010 Kennedy Centre Honors will be hosted on 5 December 2010 and will pay tribute to five very extraordinary people. It will be the 33rd awards ceremony to be hosted and the people in the spotlight will be Oprah Winfrey, Merle Haggard, Jerry Merman, Paul McCartney and Bill T. Jones. Of the five recipients, four are major contributors to the music industry, and the Kennedy Centre has chosen to celebrate their lives and cultural contributions that have spanned many years, making them icons of our time.

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2010 IBMA Nominees

The International Bluegrass Music Association was established in Kentucky in 1985, which led to the construction of the International Bluegrass Music Museum in 1988. The International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1991, raising the IBMA to a new level, and creating an organization that is dedicated the bluegrass music industry and its performers. Now located in Nashville (Tennessee), the IBMA have recently released the names of the 2010 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards and are getting ready to host a breathtaking event.

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Louis Armstrong Remembered

Born on 6 September 1877, Charles Bolden, later known as Buddy Bolden, became one of the key figures in the jazz world of New Orleans. As an accomplished cornetist, he was a pioneer in a style then referred to as rag-time. Bolden passed away on 4 November 1931, but his accomplishments and contributions to the jazz industry were not forgotten. Dan Pritzker, a well known filmmaker, along with the assistance of Wynton Marsalis, took it upon himself to bring the story of Bolden to life, and soon found himself on a journey into the life of Louis Armstrong.

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

On 25 June 2009, the world was devastated by the news that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had passed away. The outpouring of grief and disbelief was overwhelming. On 29 August 2010, Jackson would have celebrated his 52nd birthday, and both fans and the music industry rallied together to celebrate his birthday in his absence and pay tribute to one of the most iconic entertainers of our time. The festivities were hosted on Saturday, 28 August 2010, and thousands of Michael Jackson enthusiasts attended to show their support and love for this great musician.

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Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010

From the 26th of August 2010, Sunset Boulevard came alive with music and festivity as the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival kicked off. This is the third time this festival is being hosted, and each year has proved to be a greater success than the last. Marquee venues located along this famous Strip got together to create the Sunset Strip Music Festival in 2008, and with its overwhelming success, Sunset Boulevard was closed down for the 2009 festival as it has been again this year.

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