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2010 Amsterdam Dance Festival

The Amsterdam Dance Festival was founded in the year 1996, and has grown into a global phenomenon that is attended by more than ninety thousand visitors each year. It has developed from three clubs to over forty, and from a mere thirty DJs entertaining audiences to more than seven hundred. Artists and musicians from all over the world converge at the Amsterdam Dance Festival, which not only offers exciting live performances but also conferences that discuss the future of music and other vital topics within the music industry.

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The Meredith Music Festival 2010

The Meredith Music Festival has been hosted every year since 1990 on the property of one of the festival organisers, who owns farmland near the town of Meredith in Victoria, Australia. The festival not only promotes music and entertainment but is eco-friendly, making use of all the methods and technology available to ensure that no harm is done to the environment during this musical gathering. Visitors to the festival return each year, as it always offers the best in live music and a variety of activities that entertain audiences of all ages.

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Laurie Takes On Music Industry

Born on 11 June 1959, James Hugh Calum Laurie is better known for his Emmy nominated role as Dr. Gregory House, but has a musical side that the public is only now beginning to see. As an actor, Hugh Laurie has excelled on various levels, enjoying numerous Emmy nominations and winning two Golden Globes. Now he has decided to take on the music industry, with an opportunity that was offered to him and one that he is extremely excited about, namely recording an album inspired by New Orleans songs with Warner Music Entertainment.

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Musical Spider Man

It has been a long road for the cast, directors and producers of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, but rehearsal dates have finally been set and the show should hit Broadway by the end of the year. The production of this show came to a screeching halt as financial difficulties and changes in the cast left the project in limbo. This daring project has a budget of over $50 million. But now it seems that all the problems have been sorted out, and excitement surrounding the production is reaching fever pitch again.

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Music for the Mind

No matter who you are or where in the world you stay, music is one art form that everyone enjoys. It is a medium of expression that is understood by all, whether it is uplifting the spirit, religious worship through music, mending a broken heart or bringing back memories of happy times, music touches the heart of one and all. Recent studies, however, have proved that music also touches the mind and can aid children tremendously during their early development. There are now educational reasons for motivating children to study a musical instrument.

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