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John Lennon Birthday Tribute

No-one will ever forget the day the world lost John Lennon. It was a day that shook the music industry and broke the hearts of many fans around the world. His legacy and memory have been kept alive through his music and loyal fans still listen to his famous songs and pay tribute to him on anniversaries. If John Lennon had lived, he would have been getting ready to celebrate his 70th birthday on 9 October 2010, so in his absence his widow, Yoko Ono, and EMI have re-mastered some of his greatest hits to allow the world to celebrate his life and relive the magic of John Lennon.

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Kate Nash on Tour

Kate Nash hit the music industry scene in 2006, and through determination and hard work she has established herself as a talented songwriter and vocalist. She focuses on the music genres of Indie-pop and anti-folk music and has a loyal following of fans and supporters. Nash is also an accomplished musician, with instruments such as bass, keyboard and guitar amongst of her list of talents. Music enthusiasts have been extremely excited since her October tour was confirmed, and dates to her musical performances were recently released.

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2010 Voodoo Festival

The Voodoo Festival is a musical extravaganza that many look forward to every year. Organizers have confirmed a superb line-up of artists and musicians for the 2010 event, and it will be hosted in the in one of the most creative and artistic cities in the world, namely New Orleans. City Park will be the venue for the 2010 Voodoo Festival, which will be held from 29 October to 31 October, over the Halloween Weekend. Combining the thrill and excitement of this holiday with breathtaking performances, is a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

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Polaris Music Prize 2010

The Polaris Music Prize was created to bring recognition to Canadian musicians and to award them for their contributions to the music industry. The prize is not for a specific genre or record label, it is awarded on merit and has a cash prize of C$20 000. Based on the award handed to Irish and British music albums, namely the Mercury Music Prize, the Polaris Music Prize is awarded to a full length Canadian music album. Forty album names have been released, voted for by broadcasters, the Polaris Music Prize Jury, bloggers and journalists. This list will be narrowed down to ten, after which a winner will be chosen.

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Tribute to Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean was a man of many talents. He graced television screens with a talk show and gained a loyal following with his country hits. He also had his own meat company and became a household name across America. On Sunday, 13 June 2010, Jimmy Dean passed away at his home at the age of 81. His legacy will, however, live on forever, as fans, family, friends and the music industry mourn the loss of a loved one and undisputed legend.

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