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Musical Spider Man

It has been a long road for the cast, directors and producers of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, but rehearsal dates have finally been set and the show should hit Broadway by the end of the year. The production of this show came to a screeching halt as financial difficulties and changes in the cast left the project in limbo. This daring project has a budget of over $50 million. But now it seems that all the problems have been sorted out, and excitement surrounding the production is reaching fever pitch again.

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Music for the Mind

No matter who you are or where in the world you stay, music is one art form that everyone enjoys. It is a medium of expression that is understood by all, whether it is uplifting the spirit, religious worship through music, mending a broken heart or bringing back memories of happy times, music touches the heart of one and all. Recent studies, however, have proved that music also touches the mind and can aid children tremendously during their early development. There are now educational reasons for motivating children to study a musical instrument.

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2010 Mercury Music Prize

In the year 1992, the British Association of Record Dealers and the British Phonographic Industry joined forces to establish the Mercury Music Prize, or Mercury Prize, which has become a sought after accolade. It is currently sponsored by Barclaycard, and this year a list of well known and deserving artists have made it onto the nominees list for the 2010 Mercury Music Prize.

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The Prodigy Recognized for Musical Contributions

The well-known electronic dance group The Prodigy was formed in 1990 by Liam Howlett. The band has been a significant contributor to the big beat music genre and has successfully sold more than twenty million albums. The ability of band members Liam Howlett, Leeroy Thornhill, Maxim and Keith Flint to incorporate breakbeat, techno, rave and industrial during their performances has catapulted them to the top of their league. Their contributions to the music industry were recently recognized by the GlobalGathering festival.

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New Bryan Ferry Album Features Famous Collaborators

The legendary Bryan Ferry was born into an average middle class family on 26 September 1945. Even though he studied and became a pottery teacher, it was his love for music that carried him on an unforgettable journey. His career as a songwriter, singer and musician began in the 1970's. With a huge following and many successful albums behind his name, Bryan Ferry is embracing the attention and excitement surrounding his latest work. The new album "Olympia" will hit music stores by 22 October 2010, and there are a few pleasant surprises awaiting Bryan Ferry fans.

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