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Outside Lands Festival 2010

During the famous gold rush days of San Francisco, The Golden Gate Park was referred to as the Outside Lands. On the maps of the 1860s the park area was desolate and uninhabitable, but as the city began to expand and grow the park became a part of the city in the year 1866. Today the Golden Gate Park is no longer a waste land but a thriving attraction that draws millions of visitors each year, offering tranquil lakes, museums, endless grassy meadows and historical monuments to those who enter through its gates. It is also the venue of the annual Outside Lands Festival, which will be hosted in August this year.

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Farewell to SA Opera Star

The life of Siphiwo Ntshebe reads like a fairytale, rising above an impoverished childhood to become one of the best up and coming opera stars South Africa has ever seen. But it was with great sadness that the announcement was made by the family members of this rising star that he had passed away at the tender age of 35 due to acute bacterial meningitis on 25 May 2010. Often referred to as the Black Pavarotti, Siphiwo Ntshebe, was the jewel of South Africa, spreading his message of hope throughout the world.

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Bon Jovi Exhibition in the UK

Everyone knows that the British Music Experience is a museum like no other. Here, music lovers can explore the lives of their favorite bands and musicians; they can listen to the sounds of sixty years ago, and take a journey through the evolution of music with interactive displays and countless rare and unique items of memorabilia. Icons, past and present, are depicted in the museum through various fashion items, musical instruments and much more. Visitors to the museum can test their vocal skills, play an instrument and even show off their dance moves. From the 7th to the 25th of June 2010, patrons can enjoy the magnificent Bon Jovi Photographic Exhibition.

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The Global Gathering 2010

The Angel Music Group started The Global Gathering music festival in 2001 and today it is a festival that is hosted across the world. In the year 2006 the festival ventured outside the United Kingdom for the first time, being hosted in Miami, Florida. By the year 2009, The Global Gathering announced it presence in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Poland and Belarus. This year The Global Gathering will be celebrating its tenth year of existence and will have a stellar line-up of artists to bring the excitement and festivities to life.

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2010 Ivor Novello Award Winners

The 55th annual Ivor Novello Awards ceremony was held at a prestigious event in London on 20 May 2010. These awards are internationally recognized and are hosted in conjunction with the PRS by the BASCA. British musicians and writers are honored by the Ivor Novello Awards for their valuable contribution to the music industry. Composers and songwriters, who are often behind the scenes, enjoy their moment in the spotlight, having the recognition they so richly deserve bestowed on them. This year Lily Allen was the star of the show, walking away with no less than three Ivor Novello Awards.

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