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The Hip Hop Congress

When a group of local community members, students, music industry representatives and artists come together for a common cause, it is almost guaranteed to work. Involving the youth in a cause that not only enriches their lives but also those around them, has seen to it that the Hip Hop Congress has developed into a strong non-profit organization that touches the lives of thousands every day. It is a success story of two separate organizations with the same name that came together to form a unique collaboration with the purpose of reaching out and helping to promote economic, political and social change.

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2010 Prodigy UK Tour

The popular UK band The Prodigy was established in 1990 by Liam Howlett and has won a faithful following of fans over the years. Their unique sound that pioneered the dance genre of big beat electronic has seen them sell more than seventeen million albums and forever cemented their contribution into the history of dance music. The Prodigy is also known for combining their music styles and incorporating genres such as industrial, rave, punk, electronic rock, breakbeat and hardcore. Their tours and live performances are well supported, and due to them not being able to include every city and town in a country on their schedule, they have added dates to their UK tour.

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Necessities for a Simple and Budget Home Recording Studio

To record your own music at home and begin making a studio you need some standard parts to get going. They are:
1. An instrument and/or microphone
2. Something to record into like a basic mixing board
3. An interface from your mixing board into your computer
4. A computer with decent speakers and/or headphones.
5. Some software to record and manipulate your work.

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Battle of the Corporate Bands

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has been paying tribute to musicians, artists, producers and other members of the music industry for many years. Famous names such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and many others, have been honored by being inducted into the Hall of Fame; and thousands of visitors explore the museum and its exhibitions each year. But the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, is also interested in new and upcoming talent, giving rise to the successful FORTUNE Battle of the Corporate Bands.

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Liverpool Music Week Headlined by Kasabian

With each passing year the Liverpool Music Week festival has been getting better and better. This year they have attracted Indie rock band Kasabian as their headlining act, leaving fans scrambling to get tickets.

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