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Odetta Holmes Dies at Age 77

Her beautiful voice has resonated in the minds and hearts of people for years now as her undeniable passion and heart shone through. After a life well-lived, using her talents to speak up about the things she was most passionate about, music legend Odetta has passed away at seventy-seven years of age.

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First Ever Heavenly Planet Festival

Renowned event organizers Festival Republic have joined forces with the Reading Borough Council to bring an all-new, all-exciting music festival to the little town of Reading. Previously this sleepy little burrow has been playing host to two noteworthy events, namely the Reading Music Festival and WOMAD Reading. Now it seems all that is about to change.

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New Grammy Hall of Fame Inductees

Since its inception in 1973, the Grammy Hall of Fame now has a total of 826 inductions. All the songs are chosen by certain members of a committee of historians and experts and are usually iconic, masterful pieces of music. There are 28 2008 Grammy Hall of Fame inductees, many of whom already have legendary status.

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Ministry Of Sound DJ Academy

Even if you’ve never been there, you’ll probably have at least heard about the Ministry of Sound club in London. Ministry of Sound is one of the world’s most renowned clubs. It seems now the club is set to get even better, offering DJs and club lovers a chance to get behind the scenes at this acclaimed venue.

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Spears Gets Bambi Prize in Germany

It’s not everyday that you hear of American pop stars traveling all the way to Germany to pick up a celebrated media award – yet that is exactly what Britney Spears did recently when she was honored with a Bambi Award in the little German town of Offenburg.

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