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Ministry Of Sound DJ Academy

Even if you’ve never been there, you’ll probably have at least heard about the Ministry of Sound club in London. Ministry of Sound is one of the world’s most renowned clubs. It seems now the club is set to get even better, offering DJs and club lovers a chance to get behind the scenes at this acclaimed venue.

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Spears Gets Bambi Prize in Germany

It’s not everyday that you hear of American pop stars traveling all the way to Germany to pick up a celebrated media award – yet that is exactly what Britney Spears did recently when she was honored with a Bambi Award in the little German town of Offenburg.

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Mariah to Break into Broadway

Yes – you heard right. Mariah Carey looks set to break into Broadway. It seems that there is great interest in turning the dynamic songstress’ life story into a new Broadway musical and apparently Mariah is quite excited about the idea.

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Midwinter Picnic Promises Prime-Time Entertainment

With winter well on its way for those living in the northern hemisphere, people are always looking for great ways to spend their holiday time. The UK’s Midwinter Picnic in Brighton provides the perfect way to relax and unwind after a hectic Christmas. Family and friends can gather together to enjoy this great event.

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2008 MAMAs a Massive Success

The MTV Music Awards may have originally been held in only one location, but today they are held on every continent in order to recognize the musical achievements of people in those lands. Africa is no exception, and the first ever MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) were held in Abuja, Nigeria, recently.

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