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Look After Your Heart By Listening To Good Music

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine located in Baltimore, United States, have recently conducted tests that show that listening to joyful music can have a positive effect on the function of blood vessels in the human body. This means that listening to your favorite music may indeed be good for your health.

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Coldplay Win Big At World Music Awards

Coldplay has always been a great band and fans will argue that they’ve always been the best band. Now, it seems, its official – Coldplay were officially named the top-selling act of 2008 at the World Music Awards held in Monaco on November 9, 2008. Their impressive collection of No. 1 albums is certainly proof of the pudding.

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15th Annual MTV Europe Music Awards

Perhaps one of the only complaints many people might have had about this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards is that a lot of the recipients weren’t from Europe. Nevertheless, the star-studded night was one to be remembered and most of the recipients were completely worthy of their accolades.

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Music Practice Makes Kids More Intelligent

Those musicians who were fortunate enough to have music training as a child may have always felt as though they were in a group of ‘elite’ people – people who were educated, well spoken and skilled. Recent research suggests that music training may well make people more intelligent – especially when it’s started at a young age.

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The Prodigy Release New Album - And Announce Tour

The Prodigy have been making an unmistakable name for themselves since they were first formed in 1990. After 18 years in the music industry, the band is getting ready to release their fifth studio album entitled: “Invaders Must Die”. They are also getting ready to embark on a short UK tour.

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