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Simply Red to Embark on World Tour

They’ve been around for ages and yet have never really lost their global popularity. Their timeless sound has instant appeal to people and over the years a lot of memories have been created to the sound of their music. Few people today have not heard of the music phenomenon known as Simply Red, and the group hardly needs any introduction.

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Coldplay Comes Out Tops at Q Awards

Every year the Q Awards pay tribute to the World’s best musicians. UK music magazine Q runs the annual award ceremony and it has been held regularly since 1990. Today the Q Awards are one of the biggest and best publicized music award ceremonies in Britain. The 2008 Q Awards were no different, with Coldplay going home the biggest winners after receiving two Q Awards.

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Musicians Fight Back Against Record Labels

With record labels continuing to dictate more and more of what musicians can and can’t do with their careers, a number of top pop and rock acts have joined the crusade to regain control over their music. Radiohead, Kate Nash and Robbie Williams are just some of the top British acts to have joined the new Featured Artists’ Coalition.

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BT Digital Music Awards

The ceremony is over and the stars have headed home with their various accolades. There was more than one surprise during the course of the evening at the BT Digital Music Awards, as well as a number of performances by great bands and artists. In the end, it seems that Kylie Minogue and Coldplay have received the most attention.

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The Queenscliff Music Festival

Every year the town of Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia, comes alive as thousands of people flock to this small point on the Bellarine Peninsula to make the most of the annual Queenscliff Music Festival. This year will certainly be no different, with hundreds of artists already booked to perform at the festival.

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