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Bloc Party to Embark on Tour in January

English indie rock band Bloc Party are set to rock the UK in January when they embark on a tour following the release of their new album ‘Intimacy’. Though relatively brief, the tour will no doubt enjoy a massive following as fans across the country step out and make the most of the band’s live appearance.

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New ‘Slot Music’ Concept to be Launched in October

It seems that with the ever expanding music technology that is available, major music labels are constantly seeking new ways to generate a source of revenue to replace what is being lost on CD sales. The new “Slot Music” concept was recently announced by SanDisk and the Big 4 (Sony BMG, Universal, Vivendi and Warner Music Group) at a press conference on Monday, September 22.

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Music Labels Adapt to Life Online

This likely isn’t the first time you’ve heard of the concept of encouraging fans to buy into their favourite up-and-coming band in order to help them make an album. And at the rate that new music label websites are springing up on the web, it won’t be the last.

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Vodafone Live Music Awards

In a night to remember, an exciting and diverse cross-section of the pop world came together to see who would be winning what at the Vodafone Live Music Awards. The award ceremony was every bit as glamorous and exciting as it should have been and many big names from the music industry were present at the event.

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Mick Jagger Takes a Stand for Online Retailing

Music legend Mick Jagger made the long trip to Brussels recently to have a lengthy chat with the European Commission. The subject of the discussion was online retailing, and it seems that if the powers that be have their way, shopping online for your favorite music shouldn’t be too difficult in the near future.

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