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Glasgow, the City of Music

In June this year, a delegation from Scotland got on a plane for Paris. They were going to promote the city of Glasgow as a potential Unesco City of Music. This honor has only been bestowed on two other European cities, namely Seville and Bologna, and with Edinburgh already been named a Unesco City of Literature, delegation members and supporters did not foresee any problems with their Glasgow request, as the city has a long history of music. And they were right, as it has just been announced that Glasgow is now a Unesco City of Music.

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Primal Scream to Headline NME Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot Tour

The fact that Primal Scream will be the headline performers for the 2008 NME Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot Tour is great news for the thousands of U.K. rock fans that will be flocking to the tour’s sixteen performance venues, starting in Oxford on 20 November and concluding in the band’s hometown of Glasgow on 13 December 2008. Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie promises that audiences can expect to get their money’s worth, as the band is pumped up for the tour and playing better than ever before.

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Become More Musical Through Listening

Have you had an ear for music since you were a child and never been able to play so much as a note? Recent research conducted by the University of Amsterdam shows that the brain can learn about music simply through active exposure to it. It turns out that avid music listeners can develop sensitivity for skills that were thought to belong exclusively to the experts until just recently.

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Will Young’s “Let It Go 2008” Tour

Will Young fans are no doubt thrilled at the news that this talented artist will be on tour in the U.K. toward the end of the year. Named in honor of his latest album, the “Let It Go 2008” tour will focus on songs from his new album and will have audiences singing along to favorites from the past.

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N’Faly Releases New Album and Tour Dates

Though he has been around for some time already, not everyone may know of N’Faly or have heard his incredible music. The musician, singer and composer is perhaps better known for his former work as a member of the group Afro Celt Sound System (Afrocelts) than he his for his current work – but with a sound as unique and distinguished as his, that surely wont be the case for much longer.

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