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Music Hall of Fame Inducts Musicians for 2008

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit project that first started its nominating process in Spring 2007. The project’s main goal is to document and recognize West Virginians who have made a noteworthy contribution to a variety of music genres. In doing so, the Music Hall of Fame helps to cast a spotlight on the many important musicians who have helped to shape the rich musical legacy of the country.

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Research Reveals Interesting Trend in Music Pirating Dilemma

A recent research study by the MCPS-PRS Alliance revealed that, even when music is available to download at no charge via an official website, the majority of fans still choose to download the music from an illegal website. This research project has confirmed what many music companies have suspected – pirating of music is a growing trend that is here to stay regardless of any efforts to put a stop to it.

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MTV Asia Awards a Real Blast

The MTV Asia Awards were held in Malaysia on Saturday and a large number of amazing Asian musicians were honored for their work and role in the industry. The winners showcased a wide selection of talents from different genres and countries, with finalists coming from as far a field as China, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore to participate in the event and claim their prize.

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Nominees for Canadian Country Music Awards Announced

With the 2008 Canadian Country Music Awards just around the corner, the nominees for this prestigious ceremony have been officially announced. For those involved in this exciting music event, it is time to dust off their evening wear and get ready for one great evening of glamour, recognition and music.

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New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience 2008

Each year thousands of music fans gather at City Park in New Orleans to make the most of the New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience. This year’s Voodoo Music festival is set to take place from October 24 to 26, just one week before Halloween, according to the festival’s tradition.

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