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Goo Goo Dolls Tour the UK

Fans of the Goo Goo Dolls are no doubt thrilled that the band will be touring in the UK in July. The band will be making an appearance on the Main Stage at the 2008 O2 Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 6 July as part of their tour.

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First Digital Music Recording Found

After more than fifty years of lying dormant in a storage room, the first known digital music recording has been rediscovered. The crackly, analogue recording surfaced during a big clean up of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s vaults. Apparently it was made in 1951 and has the unique distinction of being the earliest known recording of a digital computer making music.

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Lil Wayne Finally Hits the Big Time

Some say it’s been a long time coming – Lil Wayne has finally made his way to the top of his profession. Despite the fact that Lil Wayne has been rapping since he was just a teen, it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point where is he now that he is able to rival top contemporaries like Kanye West. What has really got heads turning is the fact that this 25-year-old’s most recent CD has sold a whopping one million copies in just one week!

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Dirty Pretty Things Announce October Tour Dates

The group known as ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ is fast gaining popularity in the UK and their regular tours certainly seem to be doing a lot to bump up fan numbers. The English band was formed in September 2005 after front man Carl Barât had a dispute with band members from The Libertines and split from the band. After a few years of building a new name for himself, it would seem that the move is finally starting to pay off for Barât.

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Mojo Music Awards Show Surprising Trends

In our artificial world where everyone seems to always strive for the ‘latest and greatest’, we seem to suddenly find an emerging trend to turn back to the ‘golden oldies’ when it comes to music. For years it would seem the Mojo Music Awards have been honoring the latest and most exciting rock acts of the year. But now it seems that the older acts are getting back in on the action.

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