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The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2008

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is the music festival that all culture and music lovers eagerly anticipate each year. This world-renowned festival features competitors from over fifty different countries, who make the trip to Wales to take part in this memorable event.

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CMT Music Award Winners for 2008

Some feel that it is the CMT Music Awards that reveal who the truly popular artists are. This is one of the few awards dictated solely by popularity and fans. Instead of a an elected group deciding who the awards should be given to, fans simply have to vote for their favorite music videos and television performances to see their much loved stars get the recognition they deserve. Thus the awards ceremony is a much anticipated event by fans and artists alike.

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The Music House Museum’s Spectacular Collection

Lovers of music simply have to make their way to the Music House Museum in Acme, Michigan. This fantastic museum displays an exquisite collection of musical instruments over the ages. It brings music-making devices from the far flung corners of the globe together at one delightful location so that music lovers can learn all about these items with ease.

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Exceptional Performances at Oxford May Music

As an enjoyable addition to other May Day celebrations in the city of Oxford, Oxford May Music has been established to provide a brilliant outlet for the musical talents of the city. Though the festival is still relatively new, it is based in an age-old city centre that seems to perfectly compliment the timelessness of music.

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Bob Dylan Receives Honorary Pulitzer

While millions of fans have been recognizing his musical genius for the past forty or more years, it has taken music officials a tad longer to see the light. At last Bob Dylan has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his exceptional contribution to music over the last few decades – a prize that is well-deserved.

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