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Benefits of the Alexander Technique for Musicians

The stress of everyday life, injury, or even pain, can greatly affect the way we perform and respond to situations. For musicians, instrumental and vocal, these same stresses can lead to flaws in performance abilities, concentration and under achievement. The Alexander Technique was developed many years ago, but is still recognized as the most effective program for creating conscious changes in dealing with stress, enhancing coordination and remarkably improving skills and performances. The Alexander Technique for musicians is invaluable to the development of talent.

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Independent Artist Registry – Take Your Music to the Next Level

Independent artists in the United States can make use of an innovative concept to promote their music to the top 100 record labels, as well as to thousands of music industry professionals. The Independent Artist Registry is a national talent scouting and referral service for the most promising undiscovered musicians who are ready to take the step of promoting their sound to the listening public.

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60th Bath International Music Festival

The Bath International Music Festival will be celebrating 60 years of success in 2008. This prestigious music festival is set to take place from 21 May to 7 June 2008 in the South West England city of Bath. Musicians and music lovers will be gathering in this popular World Heritage Site city to enjoy the festival program put together by Artistic Director, and accomplished pianist, Joanna MacGregor.

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Academy of Country Music Awards 2008

The Academy of Country Music was established in the year 1964 by Chris Christensen, Mickey Christensen, Eddie Miller and Tommy Wiggens, as the Country and Western Music Academy. It had approximately four thousand members, of which most were already country celebrities or internationally known producers. The Academy of Country Music Awards has become the premier awards event in the country music industry, and this year the awards ceremony will take place on 18 May 2008, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, for the 43rd time.

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Radiohead 2008 Tour is Not to be Missed

In October 2007, Radiohead released their seventh album, “In Rainbows”. Using an innovative way of reaching their fans, Radiohead released the album via their website as a download - and fans could decide what they would like to pay for it. This unconventional, and somewhat risky, venture revealed to these talented musicians what their fans thought their music was worth. Fans loved the idea and were generous in putting a monetary value to their favorite band’s music. But what was even more exciting for fans at the time of the album’s release, was Jonny Greenwood’s announcement of the Radiohead 2008 Tour.

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