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Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards

If you’re a fan of Latin music and culture, you simply have to make sure that you attend the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. This annual event is probably the most important event in the Latin music industry. Not only does it bring together a massive crowd of elite artists, composers and executives, but the event also features the most prestigious awards show in the industry.

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Haunting Sounds of the Didgeridoo

Few sounds are quite as memorable as the haunting didgeridoo. The sound of this simple but unique wind instrument is virtually synonymous with the country of its origin – Australia. It is a traditional instrument that is still played by the natives of the country. However, its unique sounds have brought it world-wide fame and appreciation.

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Huge Names & Exceptional Music at 2008 Bonnaroo

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is a multi-stage camping festival held in June each year on a beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, USA. This four day gathering of musicians and music-lovers is set to take place from 12 to 15 June 2008. Some of the world’s best performers in rock and roll, jazz, Americana, electronica, hip hop and more will be entertaining, and being entertained, at 2008 Bonnaroo.

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Benefits of the Alexander Technique for Musicians

The stress of everyday life, injury, or even pain, can greatly affect the way we perform and respond to situations. For musicians, instrumental and vocal, these same stresses can lead to flaws in performance abilities, concentration and under achievement. The Alexander Technique was developed many years ago, but is still recognized as the most effective program for creating conscious changes in dealing with stress, enhancing coordination and remarkably improving skills and performances. The Alexander Technique for musicians is invaluable to the development of talent.

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Independent Artist Registry – Take Your Music to the Next Level

Independent artists in the United States can make use of an innovative concept to promote their music to the top 100 record labels, as well as to thousands of music industry professionals. The Independent Artist Registry is a national talent scouting and referral service for the most promising undiscovered musicians who are ready to take the step of promoting their sound to the listening public.

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