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Winter Music Conference 2008 in Miami

The Winter Music Conference will be taking place for the twenty-third year running at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa from the 25th of March to the 29th of March 2008. It is one of the greatest dance music industry events and it attracts people from all different aspects of the industry. Radio programmers, DJs, technological engineers, retailers, artists, manufacturers and distributors from all over the world descend on the Winter Music Conference to explore new developments within the industry and to promote themselves on the global market.

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Lagerado Music Festival in South Florida

The Langerado Music Festival was founded six years ago by Ethan Schwartz and Mark Brown. It was their vision to bring a music festival to South Florida that would give music enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy live performances by some of the best bands and musicians. Support and attendance at the festival has grown so dramatically over the years that it has been forced to expand its genre and find venues large enough to accommodate the thousands of festival goers who attend each year.

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i-Maestro – Improving Music Education

i-Maestro is an acronym for “Interactive Multimedia Environment for Technology Enhanced Music Education and Creative Collaborative Composition and Performance”. i-Maestro is a new European Commission supported research project involving a number of nations in Europe working together to use ongoing information technology developments to make musical education more accessible in both self-learning environments as well as computer-assisted tuition in classrooms. i-Maestro is specifically related to music education and training, in both performance and theory.

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Acclaimed Musician David Byrne

David Byrne is a musician who has explored and experienced all the different sides of the music industry. He has faced challenges, suffered disappointments, started new adventures and enjoyed moments of victory and achievement. Looking back on his career in music, he is an inspiration to future musicians, encouraging them not to give up and to continue fighting for their dreams no matter what the cost. Today, David Byrne is a singer, musician and songwriter who has awards like the Golden Globe, Grammy and Academy Awards to show for his extraordinary talent and creative abilities.

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Kurt Cobain: About a Son

The new biopic “Kurt Cobain: About a Son” is due for DVD release on 19 February 2008, just one day before what would have been the troubled musician’s 41st birthday. The film is an insightful and moving portrait of Kurt Cobain as revealed through conversations between Cobain and renowned music journalist Michael Azerrad. The film has received positive reviews from the Washington Post and Rolling Stone magazine, and has been well received at several film festivals.

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