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New World Record Set by Kevin Bath

When the multi talented Canadian, Kevin Bath, announced: “Each week starting October 1 2006 and ending September 23 2007, I will set a new world record by releasing a CD a week for a year. Each album has eight original songs, written, performed, recorded and released by me”, there were mixed reactions. Some thought him crazy, others were wondering if it was at all possible, and many did not foresee that he would be triumphant in his quest.

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Upcoming Clash of the Choirs

Clash of the Choirs” is a new reality-type show in which five musical superstars take on the challenge of returning to their hometowns with the objective of assembling an amateur choir and preparing them to compete on live television for the title of “America’s Best Choir”.

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MIDEM 2008 – A Major Music Industry Trade Show

Cannes, in France, will come alive with music moguls and major role players in the music industry between the 27th of January 2008 and the 31st of January 2008. It is one of the biggest gatherings of the music industry in the world, and gives those in attendance the opportunity to do business with various other companies and executives from around the world. Not only will major deals be signed and relationships cultivated, but the MIDEM 2008 will highlight all aspects of the music industry.

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Sprint Sound and Speed 2008

On the 11th and the 12th of January 2008, Nashville, Tennessee, will come alive with legendary country musicians, NASCAR racing teams, owners and drivers. It is a celebration of racing and music that come together at the annual Sprint Sound and Speed event. The Sprint Sound and Speed 2008 will be the third event of its kind, and with the success of previous years, the upcoming event is guaranteed to attract thousands of racing fans and music enthusiasts. It is a unique event that combines two worlds under one roof.

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Opening of the Tucson Musicians Museum

The Tucson Musicians Museum held their grand opening event and fund-raiser on 11 November 2007. The event was held at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona, and the invitation to attend this function went out to all music-lovers, whether they are long-time followers of the Tucson music scene or just starting to appreciate the talent of the musicians in Tucson.

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