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Sprint Sound and Speed 2008

On the 11th and the 12th of January 2008, Nashville, Tennessee, will come alive with legendary country musicians, NASCAR racing teams, owners and drivers. It is a celebration of racing and music that come together at the annual Sprint Sound and Speed event. The Sprint Sound and Speed 2008 will be the third event of its kind, and with the success of previous years, the upcoming event is guaranteed to attract thousands of racing fans and music enthusiasts. It is a unique event that combines two worlds under one roof.

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Opening of the Tucson Musicians Museum

The Tucson Musicians Museum held their grand opening event and fund-raiser on 11 November 2007. The event was held at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona, and the invitation to attend this function went out to all music-lovers, whether they are long-time followers of the Tucson music scene or just starting to appreciate the talent of the musicians in Tucson.

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Anna Netrebko – Musician of the Year

Anna Netrebko has it all. She is not only strikingly beautiful, but has stage presence, glamour, style and, most importantly, breathtaking vocal abilities. Her CDs are selling extremely well, and in Europe her music DVD hit the number one slot on the charts, way ahead of known musical divas Beyoncé and Britney Spears. It is said that she is breathing new life into opera, a musical genre that has been stigmatized as stuffy for years. But Anna Netrebko is luring the youth to embrace her music and create open mindedness in regard to opera.

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Emergenza Festival – Promoting Emerging Bands

The Emergenza Festival is hosted annually, and held its first music festival in 1994 in the city of Rome. It has grown into a festival that spans across approximately one hundred and fifty venues in the United States of America and in Europe. Young and unknown bands get the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences and expose themselves to a wide audience. Each year, the number of bands that sign up to perform at the Emergenza Festival increases and its popularity as a music festival has reached staggering proportions.

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The Value of Protecting Your Hearing

Musicians appreciate that there’s nothing like really loud music (and maybe some liquid refreshment) to get a crowd into a party mood. The sound at live gigs is generally at the level that you can feel through your body – but what is it doing to your ears?

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