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The Value of Protecting Your Hearing

Musicians appreciate that there’s nothing like really loud music (and maybe some liquid refreshment) to get a crowd into a party mood. The sound at live gigs is generally at the level that you can feel through your body – but what is it doing to your ears?

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Portland Music Foundation

The Portland Music Foundation has set itself the goal of organizing, supporting, nurturing and promoting the thriving music scene of Portland, Maine, USA. Started in 2006 by Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering, the Portland Music Foundation wants to help aspiring musicians break into the local music community in a way that will have fans swarming to local venues, buying their CDs and singing their songs.

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Raising Funds to Record a CD Made Easy

For any musician, the most difficult hurdles to overcome when wanting to carve a career for themselves is to record a CD and gain exposure. Building up a fan base to purchase the CD is essential, and that takes promotion. As many struggling musicians discover, it takes money to promote and to record their songs. Fortunately, a few music lovers have taken their knowledge of the music industry, business experience and vision for the future, combined it into a useful tool for musicians and opened an alternative door for new musicians.

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India’s Entertaining Jazz Utsav Festival

Jazz has always been a music genre that only comes to life when people who are truly passionate about it perform. In India a love for jazz spans decades. The first jazz festival was held here in the year 1978. Back in the day, the festival was known as the Jazz Yatra, but its rhythms and hypnotic melodies spilled over into the Jazz Utsav Festival. The name might have changed, but the emotional ties to the jazz genre did not, and it is still as vital to all jazz enthusiasts in India, as it was when the festival started.

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The All-new America’s Original Competition

The America’s Original competition, which starts 1 January 2008, has been launched by Versatile Records to give musicians and artists the opportunity to perform their original music compositions while competing for exciting prizes. The top 147 contestants will be selected from the initial entries submitted prior to 1 January 2008 and chosen contestants will compete in the televised semi-finals, with winners being voted for by the American public.

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