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Bruno Missone - Inspired by Aviation

Bruno Misonne is a composer from Belgium who has created a unique concept in music, blending airplane sounds and air traffic control communications with his musical compositions. This new genre of music based on aviation has been well received by listeners.

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Marine Max Clearwater Jazz Holiday

For the last twenty-eight years the Marine Max Clearwater Jazz Holiday has been bringing the biggest names in Jazz to Clearwater. It started with a flatbed truck that would drive musicians from one venue to another, and grew into a musical event that is attended by thousands of jazz enthusiasts each year. This year, the foot stomping event will be held between the 18th to the 21st of October 2007 in Coachman Park, and it is a musical event that is run solely by volunteers.

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Experience Music Project Interactive Museum

Standing outside the building of the Experience Music Project, also referred to as EMP, one has to wonder if the structure itself is the exhibition, or is there more to come? And there certainly is more. The unique look of the museum has brought both praise and skepticism, but most of all, popularity. Everyone who visits Seattle makes a point of walking through the halls of the Experience Music Project. Here, the names and faces of unknown, famous musicians and music legends adorn the walls; each telling their own story.

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Tony DeBlois

Born three months premature, blind, autistic and having Savant Syndrome, it might have seemed that Tony DeBlois had all the odds stacked against him. But Tony was blessed with a mother who was determined to fight those odds for her son, a battle that has turned out to be most rewarding for them both.

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South Padre International Music Festival

Kicking off on Friday 2 November 2007, the inaugural South Padre International Music Festival will be featuring more than forty acts from around the world. These musicians will be there to entertain and be entertained as they join in the non-stop music festival party fever that is set to continue through to Sunday 4 November.

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