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Sounds of the Symphonic Game Music Concert

Music has a way of making many things in our lives more memorable. A certain song may take your mind back to your first date, your first road trip or even to your high school prom. For those who enjoy playing computer or video games, music can trigger off completely different memories – the first time you conquered Super Mario Brothers, the first time you discovered Monkey Island, or the latest version of Grand Theft Auto sitting at home waiting for you. Music has become a very important part of any modern video game and the Symphonic Game Music Concert has played a big role in ensuring that every game has an excellent soundtrack.

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Craig Armstrong – Masterful Movie Soundtrack Composer

Most people have never heard of the name ‘Craig Armstrong’, yet they may be more familiar with his work than they think. As one of the top movie soundtrack composers currently working in the film industry, his work has been used in more than one epic blockbuster in recent years.

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Human Expose

How and when did music begin? This is a difficult question with a complex answer. In a way perhaps music was not created but discovered. It must have always existed in a nascent form which took its own a shape in different cultures across the world at different times in their development. This explains why the diatonic scale is the same in any form of music that developed anywhere in the world, be it in the East or the West at different times.

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Conkers Live Aid Concert

On a normal day, Conkers is a family attraction theme park that is located at the Heart of the National Forest. It gives young and old the opportunity to interact, while learning and exploring the wonders of nature. Walks, trails, rides, shops, playgrounds, restaurants and a variety of spectacular events, makes Conkers the ideal venue for local and international visitors.

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Popkomm 2007 – Europe's Premier Music Industry Event

Popkomm is a world renowned music festival and trade show for the music and entertainment industry in Europe. This massive international event, held each year in Berlin, attracts thousands of interested individuals from the world over. This year's Popkomm Trade Show will be held from 19 to 21 September.

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