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The Sound of Music

A recording studio is a place for recording music which is being played or sung live. It requires certain basic equipment and facilities for the end result to be of a professional quality. Nowadays thanks to the advent of digital technology and computer software available that is meant for recording audio it is possible to carry out recording in the house.

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The Music Publishers Association

All music lovers feed on the twin plants of creativity and technology. Now that may sound like some corporate dogma, but stay awhile and reflect on where we would be if people did not find inspiration for new melodies, beats, and styles? Consider life before recording became as affordable as it is today, bringing stage and chamber qualities in our homes, and even as we jog, walk, or whatever!

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Music Video Joys

The most successful way of promoting music today is by producing a music video. It may seem ironic that one has to use the visual medium to make an impact of what is essentially an audio. These music videos are also known as promos as their role is mainly promotion of the song. It is believed in the music industry that often the success of a song on the music charts depends on the impact its video has made.

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Try Something New!

How does a new style or genre of music emerge? Why does the world reject so many new tunes everyday, but take to others in such gigantic waves? Why are some classical forms more valued now than in the ages when they were first produced? It is easier to explain why we tire of some music and look for variety, but can anyone explain what we will like? More importantly, can we express our own talents in ways that others would love to hear?

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Musicians' Union

There lives a musician in the heart of every person who loves music! Making it to the level of fame is a dream which few realize. We may even have other skills which prevent us from making livings from music. However, there are no limits to learning how to perform, or to enjoying melody. Many timeless musicians have been discovered long after their lifetimes, so who can know the hidden music of today, which may become hotly sought after tomorrow?

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