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Musicians' Union

There lives a musician in the heart of every person who loves music! Making it to the level of fame is a dream which few realize. We may even have other skills which prevent us from making livings from music. However, there are no limits to learning how to perform, or to enjoying melody. Many timeless musicians have been discovered long after their lifetimes, so who can know the hidden music of today, which may become hotly sought after tomorrow?

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Music Genres to Know

You can use music for more than listening pleasure. Learning through music is fun, and you feel wonderful about learning new things without the usual method of formal study. What can music and music genres teach you?

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Music’s Best Storage and Filing Practices

We will never be free from untidy stacks of old records, tapes, CDs, and whatever new recording media may be invented for music! You are not alone if you often feel frustrated at not finding the music you want from your huge and growing collection! It hurts even more if you perform, because the sense of loss when asked for a quick demonstration tape can be frustrating indeed! Can the computer nerds not find a way of storing music so that we can find it at the ‘speed of thought?’

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A New Path to Fame for Aspiring Musicians

The Internet can do for music what is has achieved for writing. The phenomenon of the web log or blog, which has so taken the publishing world and the media by storm, shows a way for people who prefer music to mere words as a form of expression.

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The Widest Choice

Why do so many people offer you free music? There has to be a reason for this explosion on the World Wide Web! There is no harm in it as long as you figure out the business model, and do not get taken for a ride. One major source of free music is from people who make iPods or similar devices on which you can download music and videos.

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