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His Master’s Voice

The dog and trumpet trademark will remain an icon of early 20th century music for ever. ‘His Master’s Voice’ (HMV) opened its doors for the first time in the 1920s, which saw an explosion of many entertainment forms. HMV is a delightful company, which has never lost its gentle touch, though it has grown from London to a world-wide business, and though it has kept up with the times by extending from music to books, DVDs and games.

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Enrico Caruso, The Man With Voice of Angels

Born in Naples, Italy in 1873, Enrico Caruso is regarded by many as having the greatest voice to ever grace the stage. As a tenor, Caruso set the standard for those who have followed his operatic footsteps. With a voice known for its range, power, and beauty, he left a legacy that is still felt today.

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Musicians: Art for Profits!

Writers have publishers, painters have exhibitions, and actors have agents, but none of them have the industrial involvement of music. Music is a global profit making enterprise. Is this good or bad?

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Musicians: It takes Brains to Love Music!

The renowned scholar Howard Gardner has described 7 kinds of intelligence, and music is one of them. Most of us are aware that there are differences between being smart and being nice or polite. Now just as concrete intelligence differs from emotional intelligence, so musical or rhythmical intelligence has its own place in our minds and lives. Not everyone can appreciate music to the same extent, because not all of us cultivate our mental faculties in this direction.

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Musicians: James Blunt - The Rebirth of Falsetto

James Blunt, real name James Hiller Blount, was raised in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England. Even though he learned to play certain instruments at an early age, he did not learn about bands such as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones until he attended boarding school. He was in his teens when he began to compose songs, and decided to become a professional musician.

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