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MP3’s and iPods: Listening Etiquette

Headphones are a blessing for everyone! Recall when you were last upset by someone else playing music you did not like on a loudspeaker. Think of how listening to music on your personal recorder helps to keep you from unwanted intruders in public places, or how it makes waiting for whatever less unpleasant.

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MP3’s: The Convergence Story

The benefits for music lovers, from convergence in electronic devices, may not be as large and universal as may appear at first sound! Headphones tend to isolate us, though music has major social benefits. Friends can multiply your enjoyment of shared music. Enmity can dilute through the soothing effects of music. The culture of attending live performances, whether at a popular concert in the open air, or in a historic chamber of opera, cannot be replaced by any MP3 player! Serious students of music need to listen together, so that they can appreciate the nuances of various pieces better. Martial music will serve little purpose if individual soldiers hear it in isolation. We are not accustomed to singing or listening to national songs on our own.

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Limits to Enjoyment

Do you ever close your eyes to focus your mind, or to think better? Can you memorize lines of poetry or script better when there no distractions? Do you eat less even of your favorite food when there is a heated discussion at a meal table? Have you noticed how people with a disability often have another sense heightened?

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Fuse Music and World Peace!

Music can be more than plain recreation. It is also a gentle and non-violent path to understanding other people, especially from far away places. Music is unity in diversity, and we draw close to exotic lands, as we imbibe the spirit of their music forms. You need training and formal knowledge to appreciate a school of painting or a craft, but even a child or an illiterate person can enjoy all types of music! It is common to fall in love with tunes even if the words are in a language which we do not know. Music is truly the best way to draw people together!

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Sublime California

Music is nothing without an audience and appreciation of all genres of music will only increase if people have the opportunities to listen to live music in the company of others like them - keen and seeking to learn more.

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