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Musicians: The Offspring - Loud and Proud

This group is famous for their yelling out loud lyrics and their conglomeration of punk, alternative, and metal sounds. Origins of the band date as far back as 1984 when Bryan “Dexter” Holland and Greg K (Greg Kriesel) teamed up with Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman to form a band. They were soon joined by Ron Welty on drums, and soon signed a deal with Nemesis Records in 1989.

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Musicians: Black Eyed Peas

Although this group is a hip-hop sensation now, its first attempt in 1992 was shelved. Starting members (William Adams), (Allen Pineda), and Dante Santiago originally signed with Eazy E’s Ruthless Records as Atban Klann (abbreviation for “A Tribe Beyond A Nation”. Their first album was never released, since Atban’s peaceful themes did not agree with the more marketable, gangster-style that was popular at the time.

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Contemporary Christian Music: Past, Present, Future

It is difficult to define the term “Contemporary Christian music”, but most seem to narrow it down to artists who profess Christ openly, and sing music that is filled with gospel themes. The roots of Contemporary Christian Music are undeniably from the Jesus movement at the tail-end of the sixties. Many of these followers were former hippies, and so their style of music was influenced by “secular” sources. By the mid seventies, Contemporary Christian music had developed into a genre unto its own, usually being sold at Christian bookstores, but very little at major record outlets.

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Matchbox Twenty: Always a following

Matchbox Twenty is an example of a band that has always had some sort of following, even when they were not a critical success. The band came out of the alternative, grunge-era music that was prominent in the early 90’s, and have achieved worldwide commercial success.

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Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival - Musicians

Every year, around the end of February, over 300 schools attend one of the most famous Jazz Festivals in the world, located in... Moscow, Idaho? Even though most people have never heard of it, this college town of Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho, who as hosted the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival for almost forty years.

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