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Music Delays Aging

It seems that music is not only entertaining but can have a lasting effect on youthfulness. The Kraus' Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, located in the Northwestern School of Communication, conducted a study on musicians and non-musicians, and found that musicians are more likely to retain various skills, such as hearing and memory, determining that music does fight off a variety of signs of aging. Musicians and non-musicians of a wide spectrum of ages were chosen for the study, and the results were nothing less than fascinating.

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Voting Begins for MTV O Awards

A typical awards evening, whether for music or film, usually goes hand in hand with a red carpet, stylish fashion, celebrities, well known hosts and a build up to the big and final award. For the inaugural awards evening of the O Awards, fans have been warned that MTV Network has put together an awards event like no other, and nothing that is generally associated with awards evenings will feature at the 2011 O Awards. No-one will know when an award is going to be given, who will be performing, and the names of the hosts will only be released closer to the evening, ensuring that it is a night of surprise and wonder.

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2011 Ultra Music Festival

Downtown Miami, Florida, will be transformed into an alternative music extravaganza from the 25th to the 27th of March 2011. What started as a one day festival in 1999, grew into a two day festival in 2007, and will now be a three day festival of entertainment and music. It was usually hosted during the Winter Music Conference, but that too has now changed and since its humble beginnings it has developed into one of the foremost alternative music festivals ever. More than a hundred thousand music enthusiasts attended the festival last year. With a star studded line-up this year, it is expected that those numbers will increase.

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Lil Wayne Tour Dates

Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. on 27 September 1982 and began his rapping career at the tender age of nine with Cash Money Records. He became a part of a group called Hot Boys in 1997 that consisted of Turk, Juvenile and B.G. and together they found fame with the release of their album Guerrilla Warfare. But Lil Wayne also released a solo album in 1999, his debut, Tha Block is Hot, which went platinum and gave him instant stardom as an artist. His popularity went on to grow, and now the dates of his highly anticipated tour have been released.

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Music Causes Pleasurable Response in the Brain

Do you get goosebumps or the chills when listening to certain songs? According to new research results, this reaction takes place because your brain is responding to the music in the same way as it would to good food or addictive drugs.

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