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Trying to Play Scales on Your Clarinet

When you're understanding how to play the clarinet, it is a smart idea to purchase clarinet fingering charts for your musical instrument too. Learning to play scales on the clarinet will let you get accustomed to the varied key signatures as well as help you expand your knowledge when it comes to music.

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Tips for a Successful Gig

Any gig is a very important event for a musician, as it offers exposure, and for many it is even their livelihood. At any given time something can go wrong, especially when there is crowd of patrons involved. A speaker cable is damaged or the drummer suddenly finds he has a broken head. Moments like these can either make or break a band, and if the band has ensured that they are prepared for these possible disasters, they will be able to fix the problem quickly and continue with their gig. One cable bringing a gig to a standstill is any musician’s nightmare.

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Improve Your Music with Ear Training

Ear training can make the difference between being a good musician and being an exceptional musician. It is a skill that can aid you in making the song in your head a reality. Honing this ability will likely enhance your creativity and improvisation, creating efficient recording sessions and rehearsals. So what exactly is ear training?

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Tips for Purchasing Pre-Owned Musical Instruments

Buying a used musical instrument can be a daunting task, especially if the musician is starting out and has no experience in the specific instrument. What seems like a bargain can be misleading and end up in money wasted. There are however, a few guidelines and useful tips for buying used musical instruments that first time buyers can follow.

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Classification of Musical Instruments

Originally, the classification of musical instruments was done by the Sach-Hornbostel system, which was designed and created by Curt Sachs and Eric von Hornbostel in 1914. Their system had four major categories, and as instruments evolved, a fifth category was added. The Sach-Hornbostel system is still used today in the classification of musical instruments. Sachs’ system was designed and instruments categorized by the sound that they produce and through vibrations.

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