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A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

The music industry and fans bid a sad farewell to yet another young star lost too soon. Renowned singer Amy Winehouse died on Saturday, 23 July 2011, at the age of 27. She gained fame for her soulful music and smoky voice. It is said that her grittiness and unique sound opened the way for fellow Brits, such as Adele, Duffy, Eliza Doolittle and Lily Allen, to make it onto the American music scene. Amy Winehouse will be remembered for her musical genius, as well as her wild lifestyle.

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Music Sales on the Rise Again

For the first time in seven years album sales have gone up by seven percent and it is in part thanks to artists such as Lady Gaga, Adele and Katy Perry. To make matters even more interesting, it is only halfway through the year, and last year the sales were a little less than a hundred and fifty-four million, with this year showing sales of a hundred and fifty-five million within the first six months. When looking at the Nielson SoundScan midyear report, it is apparent that the decline in album sales that the industry was experiencing is slowly seeing a turnaround.

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Polaris Music Prize 2011 Nominees

Each year musicians wait anxiously to hear who has made the list of nominees for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize. Based on the Mercury Music Prize that is handed out in the United Kingdom, it is a prize that is awarded to the best Canadian music album released. To determine the winner, judges look at the artistic merit of the album and do not take the record label, sales figures of the album or genre into consideration. Over and above being awarded the honor of receiving the prize, there is a cash prize that accompanies it. The star studded awards ceremony is broadcast live, and recently the long list of forty nominees has been released.

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2011 Guardian Music Power 100

You may not know the artist’s name or the team behind the promotion of the song that you cannot seem to stop whistling or humming, but with the Guardian Music Power 100 list as to who the top players in the music industry are. By looking at their listings and the reasoning behind who has the most influence in the music industry at present, the public become familiar with the industry leaders who set new trends in music and those that enable artists to top the charts with new hit singles. The 2011 Guardian Music Power 100 therefore reveals who are the people becoming richer, promoting, managing and creating the music we come to love.

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Wealthiest Players in UK Music Industry

There are a number of people in the United Kingdom music industry that certainly do not feel the pinch when the price of living increases. The names of the top fifty richest music industry members of the United Kingdom were recently released by The Sunday Times. The most talked about industry member who has managed to increase his wealth tremendously over the last year is Simon Cowell. Even though he has not found himself at the top of the list yet, his earnings have increased by a staggering £35 million, pushing his worth up to £200 million.

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