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2011 Billboard Awards Nominees

The finalists of the 2011 Billboard Music Awards have recently been announced. Of the star-studded line-up of finalists, a few artists stand out from the crowd, artists such as Rihanna. When the finalists were announced, Rihanna’s name came up no less than eighteen times, including the Top Hot 100 list, Top R&B Artists and Top Female Artist, making her a front runner for the Billboard Music Awards. Close on her heals are Eminem, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.

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Sad Farewell to Ferlin Husky

Ferlin Huskey was born on 3 December 1925 and found his calling in life during World War II while serving as a United States Merchant Marine by entertaining the troops. His love for music, performing and bringing joy to the audience confirmed that music was the career path he should follow. Huskey was active in the music industry from 1945 until this year, but tragically passed away on Thursday, 17 March 2001, due to congestive heart failure. He was 85 years of age, and it is a sad loss for family, friends, fans and the music industry.

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Adele on Top of Digital Sales

Hearing that your album has reached the number one slot in the United States is any artist's dream. For Adele to have the top selling album is an achievement on its own, but it was due to her staggering number of digital album sales that she managed to reach this peak so early in her career. Even if not one album had sold in the stores, she still would have had the winning album just by her digital sales numbers. Her second album, 21, has made an even greater impact on the music industry than her debut album, 19.

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Grammy Awards Deliver Some Surprises

Sunday evening was all glitz and glamour at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards as music-lovers gathered to honor artists who stood out above the crowd in the past year – and the evening proved to be full of surprises. No one seemed to be more astonished at their success than the band members of Arcade Fire, as the Canadian indie rock group took the Album of the Year Grammy for The Suburbs. They followed up frontman Win Butler’s acceptance speech with an impromptu performance of Ready to Start, to the delight of the audience. Consisting of Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Will Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara and Sarah Neufeld, the band features a variety of instruments in their music, including guitar, drums, bass guitar, violin, viola, piano, cello, double bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, French horn, accordion, keyboard, harp, mandolin, and even a hurdy-gurdy.

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2011 NRJ Music Awards

The NRJ Music Awards is one of the newest awards on the block, founded by TF1 Television Network and NRJ radio station in the year 2000. It is an annual event that recognizes the contributions made by musicians in the popular music category, and the awards ceremony is held in Cannes, France, every January. On Saturday, 22 January 2011, the 2011 NRJ Music Awards were hosted, with numerous stars and celebrities attending this prestigious event. It turned out to be an extremely successful evening for Shakira, who walked away with two awards for the evening.

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