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Christina Collaborates with T.I

"Everyone thinks I have it all, but it's so empty living behind these castle walls. If I should tumble, if I should fall, would anyone hear me screaming behind these castle walls? There’s no one here at all, behind these castle walls." These are the opening lines sung by Christina Aguilera in her latest collaboration with rap artist T.I. The song, 'Castle Walls', from T.I.'s new album, No Mercy, explores the life of the rich and famous, and conveys the message that everything is not always as perfect as it might seem.

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"See My Friends" Collaborative Album

Ray Davies became known to the music industry as the songwriter and member of the band The Kinks. The Kinks were active from the year 1964, and rocked the music world with songs such as All Day and All of the Night and You Really Got Me. They became a big influence within the industry. After their break up in 1996, Ray Davies embarked on a solo career. Now, to celebrate his active years in the spotlight, numerous famous artists have lent their talents to a new album called See My Friends, featuring a diverse range of songs that were recorded and made famous by The Kinks.

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