Do's and Don'ts of Music Recording

Need some assistance on what to do and what not to do when recording? We provide you with some Do's and Don'ts.

Do: Deliver completed recordings to the record company. Make sure artists that are not part of your band sign consent forms. Ensure the entire recording is original material. Have a written agreement with individuals recording your performances so that they will not use it in breach of your agreement with the record company. Check beforehand that the record company will reimburse expenses and to what amount. Beware of cover recordings as these reduce income and can cause other problems. Put no more than ten tracks on your album.

Don't: Do not record a song unless you have written it and are sure it is original or you can get a license for it. Avoid artwork that is obscene or violates others rights. Never re-record a song for anther record company. Don't record with another artist or record company unless you have received the approval of your record company.

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