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A business that is exclusively engaged in the music industry (such as promoters, recording studios, arrangers, instructors, retailers, and wholesalers) may register as a free member or premium member. Agents, attorneys, managers or management companies, or any other person or business engaged in the performance of personal services, are not eligible for membership.

In order to appear on this site, each applicant must submit a registration form, provide a valid e-mail address and submit some basic information. Each application or request for membership will be verified. may accept or deny any application, for any reason, and may do so in its sole discretion. For further information about our policies, please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

The following chart outlines some of the differences between our Free Account and Premium Membership:

Basic Accounts Premium Membership
Where Business Profile Appears: Randomly in Directory Top Results in Directory
Own Profile Page: Yes, Limited Yes, Extensive
Upload Photo Albums: 1 (3MB Limit) 5 (20MB Limit)
Upload Promotional Songs: 1 20
Upload Promotional Videos: 1 5
Post Messages On The Forums:
Create Customer Mailing Lists:
Message Contacts:
Post Blogs Or Press Articles:
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US $5.99 /month

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