2011 Guardian Music Power 100

You may not know the artist’s name or the team behind the promotion of the song that you cannot seem to stop whistling or humming, but with the Guardian Music Power 100 list as to who the top players in the music industry are. By looking at their listings and the reasoning behind who has the most influence in the music industry at present, the public become familiar with the industry leaders who set new trends in music and those that enable artists to top the charts with new hit singles. The 2011 Guardian Music Power 100 therefore reveals who are the people becoming richer, promoting, managing and creating the music we come to love.

Adele and her team, which includes Brad Hunner (Radio Plugger), Jonathan Dickins (Manager) and Paul Connolly (Publisher), have enjoyed great success, with her second album taking the United Kingdom and United States music charts by storm. During her short career she has managed to sell six million copies of her albums. Adele is signed with XL, which is an independent label, and founder Richard Russell commented that Adele’s talent was pure and that her music sells effortlessly without trying to promote sexuality and use gimmicks. She is a raw and unique talent, and therefore Team Adele has taken the number one slot on the 2011 Guardian Music Power 100.

The top twenty on the list is as follows: Team Adele, David Joseph and Lucian Grainge (Label Executives for Universal Music Group and Universal Music UK), Simon Cowell (Managing Director and Label Executive for Syco), Nigel Harding (Broadcaster), iTunes UK (Retailer), Steve Chen, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley (YouTube Founders), George Ergoutadis (Broadcaster, BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra), Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page (Digital Media – Google Co-Founders), Simon Moran (Live Music Promoter – SJM Concerts Managing Director), Jeff Bezos (Retailer – Amazon.com CEO and President), Will.I.Am (Artist: Will.I.Am, Producer for Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Justin Timberlake, U2 and Nicki Minaj), Lyor Cohen (Label Executive – Warner Music US Chief Executive), Mark Zuckerberg (Digital Music – Facebook Founder), Team Radiohead (Artists – Ed O’Brian, Thom Yorke, Phil Selway, Jonny Greenwood and Colin Greenwood, Managers – Brian Message, Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge), Ged Doherty (Label Executive – Sony BMG UK and Ireland CEO and Chairman), Max Hole (Label Executive – Universal Music Group International COO), Jeff Smith (Broadcaster – Radio 2 / 6 Music Head of Music), Lady Gaga (Artists), Rob Stringer (Label Executive – Sony Music Label Group Chairman) and John Reid, Max Lousada and Christian Tattersfield (Label Executives – Warner Europe CEO, Atlantic Records UK Chairman and Warner Music UK CEO).