’s Green 10 List’s Green 10 lists the ten top acts that have been making a difference with regard to environmental issues during the past year. Not only do these musicians use their influence to encourage fans to make a difference, but they inspire their peers to take action too. The 2008 list has changed quite a bit since last year’s and fans of the Green 10 will likely be surprised to see who has made the bill.

At number ten, band The Roots has made their way onto the list after giving signed compost bins away at the annual pre-Grammy Awards all-star jam session. The Roots also often work in conjunction with PETA and are noted for being devoted animal lovers. Their fans are certainly getting the message and so The Roots are the perfect candidates for the Green 10 bill.

Number nine on the list is Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins. Her contributions to the environment include ensuring that her tours are as eco-friendly as possible and posting web documentaries of her travels to various inspiring nature-orientated locations around the country. Her current tour is being kept carbon-neutral through the purchase of wind power credits and her next tour will see the use of biodiesel-fueled buses. Higgins aspires to do everything in her power to ensure that her career is as environmentally friendly as possible and she hopes that she will influence other people to do the same.

Radiohead is sitting at number eight on the Green 10 list. Their contribution is rather unusual since it focuses more around what they chose not to do rather than what they did do. Their choice to release their new album as a digital download two months prior to releasing the product in store ensured that tens of thousands of CDs were neither manufactured nor disposed of. They also have saved the atmosphere thousands of miles worth of airplane exhaust fumes by choosing not to do massive global tours. The group has also partnered with environmental organization Best Foot Forward to ensure that their actions make as small an ecological impact as possible.

Serj Tankian has made number seven on the list as he struggles to raise awareness about the massive environmental costs that war is having on the Middle East’s environments. The former System of a Down frontman has also founded a website, to help his fans connect to environmental and social justice organizations. Tankian is also a co-founder of the nonprofit Asis of Justice and he has been doing everything he can to ensure that he makes real changes on both the environmental and social front, instead of just paying lip service to such action.

At number six, Pearl Jam has been one of the most green-conscious acts in music for years. The band has been donating their funds to local environmental causes for some time now and continues to seek ways to help the environment. KT Tunstall has made number five after her efforts to create a 100% recyclable chlorine-free booklet for her sophomore CD, as well as her role in the 2007 Live Earth performance. The Dave Matthews Band has gone the extra mile for the environment by calculating and reimbursing the CO2 emissions produced by every venue, hotel, flight, tour vehicle and fan travel involved in their tours. They are also encouraging fans to make use of biodiesel tour buses and trucks and will be feasting on organic foods using reusable catering products. The band also wants to erect an eco-village so that concert goers can be shown ways to help save the environment.

Number three is the Mexican rock quartet Mana. Mana has been advocating environmental awareness for a long, long time and they continue to make massive strides in the battle against global warming. Willie Nelson has made number two with his BioWillie biediesel fuel – something which he’s already sold in six different states. The musician has already set in motion plans to build the biggest green truck stop in the US.

Finally, Jack Johnson is the musician at number one on the Green 10 chart. A Live Earth veteran, Johnson has long been taking positive steps to ensure that as many ecological issues are addressed by him and his fans as possible.