Converse Promotes Music Industry

With ongoing rapid developments in technology, the music industry has had to keep pace and the traditional ways of looking for new talent and marketing new bands have completely fallen by the wayside. Recognizing an opportunity to connect with their target market on a whole new level, shoe producer Converse is set to stamp its sneaker-clad footprint on the music industry in a big way – and in a highly competitive market, new talent has found a well placed supporter.

One of the initiatives that Converse is focusing on is the establishment of a state-of-the-art recording studio right in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a veritable melting pot of ethnic groups, with a wealth of talent from which a number of innovative genres of music have emerged in recent years. The plan is to encourage the development of new talent and new sounds by providing free studio time. Technology may have made it easier for new artists to get a hearing ear for their music, but it has also resulted in a huge increase in competition. While some have noted that artistic talent and corporate business seem unlikely partners, it really can be a mutually beneficial partnership. A sponsor, such as Converse, is likely to give new artists the edge needed to break out of the crowd and be noticed – and if those rising stars happen to be wearing, and endorsing, Converse sneakers the marketing pay-back is likely to be huge – certainly a win-win situation.

In addition to providing studio time for budding stars, Converse will be actively searching out new talent, often in places that may not have been given much attention before. One of these talent scout initiatives is headed for India, where musicians are encouraged to be creative in exploring new sounds, unlike any of the genres that are currently popular. Working along with India’s top sport retail chain, Planet Sports, Converse will be promoting in-store events to find new talent. A series of live events in key cities will be judged by celebrities, with elimination rounds taking place until there are three finalists, from which the winner of the title “Original Band” will be chosen.

While details have not been made available yet, Converse also has plans to work along with renowned musicians to extend its music-related marketing campaign to the United Kingdom as well. No doubt there is a wealth of musical talent just waiting to be discovered – and with this high-profile sponsor, some dreams are about to become reality.