Enrique Iglesias Rewrites Record Books

Singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias seldom needs an introduction. This Latin-music king already has quite a reputation in the music industry and has been making waves for some time. Now he has become even more famous, having recently broken the record for having the most number one songs on the Billboard music charts.

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish pop singer-songwriter. Born in Madrid, his music career got started shortly after he made the decision to sign with Fonovisa. The Indie label helped to turn the model/singer into one of Latin America’s most popular artists. It wasn’t long after that that he made the jump over to the United States where he became the biggest name in the Latino market. His sales spoke of his instant popularity, with more of his Spanish language albums being sold than any other artist available at the time. He soon started making music in English and signed with Universal Music for an unbelievable $48,000,000. When you consider his already legendary background, it’s no wonder that this great musician has reached new heights with the setting of his latest record. The Billboard’s infamous music charts are not easy to climb, and Enrique Iglesias has been tied, first with Mariah Cary at 18 number one songs, and then with The Beatles at twenty number one songs. Now he has outshone those two pop legends, his Latin-flair and sexy swagger helping to give him a whopping 21 number one songs on the chart. No other musician has ever had so many number ones on the Billboard music charts.

But that’s not all. When looked at in a cumulative frame by week perspective, Iglesias was tied with 79 weeks of number one hits. His latest single absolutely smashed that by giving him a total of 85 weeks of number one hits. Not bad after only 13 years in the business! All this, combined with sales of more than 40 million albums worldwide, makes Enrique one of the most successful artists in the music industry to date. If you are one of the millions who just can’t get enough of this Latin sensation, you’ll be glad to know that he’s currently promoting his Greatest Hits album in the UK. The album is set to be release on November 3rd and will be followed by the release of his new single ‘Away’ on December 1st.