Experience Music Project Interactive Museum

Standing outside the building of the Experience Music Project, also referred to as EMP, one has to wonder if the structure itself is the exhibition, or is there more to come? And there certainly is more. The unique look of the museum has brought both praise and skepticism, but most of all, popularity. Everyone who visits Seattle makes a point of walking through the halls of the Experience Music Project. Here, the names and faces of unknown, famous musicians and music legends adorn the walls; each telling their own story.

Paul Allen, who is more famous for being a co-founder of Microsoft, founded this exquisitely spectacular museum of music. He approached Frank Gehry to design the structure, as he is a leader in the design of sheet metal. Located in the Seattle Centre, the 140 square foot museum has seen millions of visitors and music enthusiasts come through its doors. Most are just as awestruck with the building as they are of the exhibits.

The Experience Music Project takes an in-depth look at a variety of music genres, such as gospel, rock n roll, blues, jazz and soul, and even investigates the influence that rock music has had on recent music genres, including hip-hop and punk. It is an interactive museum, which means that visitors to the museum can not only view exhibits, but enjoy a hands-on musical adventure. Exhibits, featuring bands such as Nirvana, The Kingsmen, Pearl jam, Bing Crosby, Heart and The Pudz, can be viewed by watching recordings, footage, music videos, multimedia displays and interviews. Artifacts and memorabilia that once belonged to legendary musicians and bands are also on display. The Sky Church hall in the museum has a forty-foot high video panel where all the icons of the music industry, including Jimi Hendrix, can be seen. Electronically controlled musical instruments can be tried in the Sound Lab. The Costumes from the Vault has a large collection of costumes worn by performers. Visitors can try their hand at being on stage in the simulated On Stage display.

Over and above discovering the joy of playing musical instruments, the EMP museum has another fascinating section to explore, known as the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. All the visionary ideas that have been brought to life by artists, filmmakers, writers and publishers provoke all the aspects of the mind and unlimited boundaries of science fiction.

Indeed, the Experience Music Project museum will leave your imagination buzzing and your appreciation for music deepened.