Fusion Music and World Peace!

Music can be more than plain recreation. It is also a gentle and non-violent path to understanding other people, especially from far away places. Music is unity in diversity, and we draw close to exotic lands, as we imbibe the spirit of their music forms. You need training and formal knowledge to appreciate a school of painting or a craft, but even a child or an illiterate person can enjoy all types of music! It is common to fall in love with tunes even if the words are in a language which we do not know. Music is truly the best way to draw people together!

George Harrison and Ravi Shankar produced fusion music which took the world by storm. It remains as a priceless treasure of their times. However, it is in the very nature of the medium that the flow is able to accommodate any number of streams. All major genres have influences which originate outside their mainstreams. Even folk music bears stamps of explorers who have traveled to distant communities. The grand stage of Hispanic music and Latino rhythms is a continuing union between the cultures of the two Americas.

Music shows a path to empathy. We can appreciate the nuances of indigenous people and their ways through their music, and the wondrous kinds of instruments and voice control levels which they have achieved over many generations. The signature tunes of people are even more meaningful and stirring than national anthems! Each of us can work on these trends to broaden our lives and to enrich our lives. Reflective listening to new types of music, and any attempts to learn and play foreign instruments can help us reach out to new friends, learn languages, and become more tolerant to the habits and ways of others. Listening to your favorite tune of the week is fun, but making an effort to increase the breadth of your music literacy is useful as well, and no less enjoyable!

When was the last time you spent some quality time introducing your senses to a new brand of music?