Grateful Dead Inspires Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

The Meyerhoff Symphony Hall is usually attended by those who view themselves as having a sense of culture. They wear swanky suits and stunning dresses, make polite chit-chat with other patrons, and enjoy the show. But it seems that this might change somewhat in a week’s time when the hall opens its doors to more than 2000 fans of The Grateful Dead.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will be performing what they have entitled ‘Dead Symphony No. 6’ at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on August 1. That is also the day that legendary musician Jerry Garcia was born and, if he were still alive, it would mark his 66th birthday. As the vocalist and lead guitarist of the rock band The Grateful Dead, Jerry’s work has been admired and enjoyed by thousands around the globe. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra now look set to pay tribute to the legendary musician by kicking off a music tour inspired by his music on the same day as he was born. The event will mark the world premiere of Dead Symphony No. 6 and looks set to be a massive success.

While the music will no doubt take center stage at this fabulous event, it is not the only thing that patrons can look forward to. The lobby will be turned into a display hall filled with rare Dead photos. The performance, which will last 50 minutes, will not only feature music inspired by The Grateful Dead, but will also include a rather fitting psychedelic light display. Apparently the idea for the unusual event came to facility sales manager Toby Blumenthal when he came across a copy of the “Dead Symphony” CD. As a big fan of the group, he realized almost immediately that it would be perfect for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, who have already performed music with other names like Alison Krauss, Elvis Costello, Ben Folds and the Decemberists. One night after the Dead Symphony it will be performing music by Led Zeppelin, clearly showing the diverse talents and abilities of this excellent orchestra.

If the Dead Symphony No. 6 sounds like your cup of tea, then make sure that you don’t miss out on the premiere of this spectacular orchestral event. You’ll be surprised how well the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Meyerhoff Symphony Hall can combine classic elegance with psychedelic rock – it is truly amazing!