Kylie Swaps Hollywood for Bollywood

Kylie Minogue, the petite Australian singer with a big voice, has made the decision to become the first international A-list star to sing for a mainstream Bollywood film. According to DNA newspaper, the diminutive pop star will be swapping Hollywood for Bollywood shortly when she travels to India to record the song.

This is not the first time that Kylie Minogue will be trying something new. She started off her trip to fame and fortune via a small Australian television soap opera where her striking good looks quickly gained her a lot of attention. But it seems singing was always her biggest passion and before long she managed to make the transition from soap opera actress to bubblegum pop star. But her transformation didn’t end there – she later went on to reinvent her image yet again and became a disco diva with her music echoing at clubs across the globe. Now it seems Minogue is going to try something new yet again as she gets ready to join Bollywood by singing a song for the soundtrack of the new upcoming Bollywood big-budget film ‘Blue’.

According to the newspaper, Kylie will be jetting off to India next month to record the song. She will also most likely make a music video. In exchange for her services she will be paid one million dollars. Apparently Kylie Minogue wasn’t the first choice for the project either. Music director AR Rahman had wanted Madonna at first, but she did not responded to the request due to being tied up in bitter divorce disputes. Rihanna was second – but she wanted too much money. Ultimately it seems that Kylie probably was the best choice over all, as her international flavor and sunny personality will no doubt give the film a great edge.

Apparently the film ‘Blue’ was inspired by the Hollywood production ‘The Deep’ and is about a sunken treasure ship. The film is a big-budget Bollywood movie that will star Akshay Kumar, Laura Dutta and Sanjay Dutt. The film has cost about 28 million dollars to make, making it one of the most expensive Bollywood movies ever made.