Mariah to Break into Broadway

Yes – you heard right. Mariah Carey looks set to break into Broadway. It seems that there is great interest in turning the dynamic songstress’ life story into a new Broadway musical and apparently Mariah is quite excited about the idea.

The recent excitement over the Mariah Carey Broadway musical came about when a source approached British newspaper the Daily Express and told them: “A huge, huge Broadway producer is interested in Mariah’s story and it’s in discussions. Who would turn down an opportunity like that? Mariah has had a fascinating life.” The revelation of these supposedly ‘secret’ discussions has sent shockwaves through the industry and through her fans. While many people are excited about the development, there are always those that are skeptical – and that’s IF the source was accurate and reliable. Mariah Carey is rumored to be quite excited about the idea and so far seems very supportive – this despite the fact that the production threatens to delve into the juicer parts of her past, including her split from former husband Tommy Mottola and her rumored nervous breakdown not long afterwards. Apart from exploring her old relationship with the music executive, it seems it will also be showing something of her current relationship, romance and marriage to Nick Cannon. It will also most likely explore her reputation as a diva and cover reported fall outs with various record bosses. It certainly makes for a juicy story.

Of course it will be a while before the Mariah Carey Broadway musical is ready to hit the stage – if it makes it that far. In the meantime it seems Carey is quite fond of Broadway, as the pop superstar revealed plans to create a Christmas musical back in 2006. The musical was to make use of the songs on her ‘Merry Christmas’ album (1994) and was going to be penned by Peter Barsocchini – the same writer who did ‘High School Musical’. That may not have materialized, but it seems the Broadway musical based on her life story probably will. Mariah Carey was recently honored at the American Music Awards for her contribution to music and her record-breaking career.