Music Hall of Fame Inducts Musicians for 2008

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit project that first started its nominating process in Spring 2007. The project’s main goal is to document and recognize West Virginians who have made a noteworthy contribution to a variety of music genres. In doing so, the Music Hall of Fame helps to cast a spotlight on the many important musicians who have helped to shape the rich musical legacy of the country.

The Music Hall of Fame is more than just a museum. It not only preserves the musical heritage of the region but also serves to educate the public about the important role that various West Virginians have played in the music legacy of the country. The hall also works hard at promoting current state artists and so serves to reinforce the careers of these valuable members of the community. Whether you’re looking at country, jazz, classical, R&B or traditional music, you’ll find the names and faces of the people who shaped these music styles at the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. This year saw the second induction of legendary musicians into the hall of fame, with 84-year-old Everett Lilly attending to see both himself, his brother Michael Everett and Don Stover inducted after their 18 years spent together as the Confederate Mountaineers.

Legendary Everett Lilly is not the only living artist to be inducted in the 2008 Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Other artists include: Charlie McCoy, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper (bluegrass), Phyillis Curtin (opera), and Robert Drasnin (saxophonist, arranger and flute player). Of course, those players that spent years in the industry but are sadly no longer with us were certainly not overlooked. Notable persons like Ann Baker (jazz singer), Maceo Pinkard (songwriter), Red Sovine (country) and Frankie Yankovic (polka bandleader) will be honored for their role in the music legacy of the country in a special ceremony that will be held in November. Until then it is the living legends who will be receiving tribute during a moving induction ceremony. After countless years spent serving the public and improving the lives of millions, the praise is certainly well-deserved.