New Digital Sound Separator Demonstrated

For decades people in the computer-music business believed that it was impossible to separate and modify the individual notes of a recorded chord. However, Peter Neubäcker has done just that.

Neubäcker is a German guitar maker turned programmer who has his company, Celemony Software, working hard to develop this amazing new computer software. The software is called Direct Note Access and it allows computers to analyze the recorded sounds of piano or guitar chords before it extracts the individual notes, allowing musicians to modify these separately. The software was publicly demonstrated by Neubäcker and his company for the first time last month.

Up until this point, computers have allowed sound engineers to do amazing things to notes that were recorded singly. They could change their tempo, pitch or stipulate where they fall. However this has never been possible on notes recorded simultaneous in a chord – in fact, it has been believed to be impossible for many years now. However Neubäcker’s new software blows that theory out of the water. The new tool is incredibly powerful and gives musicians and producers new ways to manipulate both old and new recordings. It might enable studio engineers to ultimately salvage unheard takes by famous musicians that were unreleased because of misplayed notes or badly tuned instruments. The new software ultimately gives the user the power to mould recorded pieces in ways never-before imagined.

It is interesting to note that Neubäcker has no formal training in physics, math or even programming. He simply fell into this field later in life. Together with his team, he has managed to create this groundbreaking software. Neubäcker says that the approach he used isn’t very sophisticated. Rather he was working hard to try and see “what is in there.” The results are mind-blowing and already customers are getting ready to buy the product when it is eventually released. In the meantime it seems that Neubäcker is thinking about expanding the program’s capabilities. He says that his focus is, not on making a product, but rather to understand what sound is about. Well, if it is this approach that has led him to this new discovery, then it is certainly working!