Record Store Day

There are still hundreds of record stores across America that are not owned or controlled by corporations. These unique stores are privately owned and make the experience of shopping for music a little more personal. Not much attention is brought to the privately owned record stores, which led to the creation of Record Store Day in 2007. It is now celebrated annually, and record stores join forces with artists and bands to promote music, fun and entertainment. This year, Record Store Day will take place on 17 April 2010, and hundreds of stores have already confirmed their participation.

Chris Brown was the original founder of the Record Store Day concept, with the assistance of Amy Dorfman, Brain Poehner, Eric Levin, Don Van Cleave, Carrie Colliton and Michael Kurtz. The first festival was held on 19 April 2008, and was jump started by a performance from Metallica, with their performance being hosted at Rasputin Music. From there, this magnificent event has grown in popularity and in participation, and this year will be no different. To support Record Store Day, various artists perform at the stores. There are also limited edition products and CDs available to the public.

Attendees of Record Store Day can look forward to much more than products and performances, as the stores organize a host of events to entertain the public. Some of the events and activities to look forward to include parades, tasty cook-outs, DJs and creative body painting artists. Performing artists also mingle with the public, so music lovers have the opportunity to meet and talk to some of their favorite performers. Anyone interested in joining the festivities, will find stores participating in various locations, including Texas, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Kansas, Arizona, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio and South Dakota. To become a part of the indie music culture, and experience the originality and uniqueness of these stores, Record Store Day is an event that is recommended to all music lovers. It brings the public, music stores and artists together, and offers an unforgettable day of live music and family fun for everyone to enjoy.