The Hip Hop Congress

When a group of local community members, students, music industry representatives and artists come together for a common cause, it is almost guaranteed to work. Involving the youth in a cause that not only enriches their lives but also those around them, has seen to it that the Hip Hop Congress has developed into a strong non-profit organization that touches the lives of thousands every day. It is a success story of two separate organizations with the same name that came together to form a unique collaboration with the purpose of reaching out and helping to promote economic, political and social change.

One half of Hip Hop Congress was started in 1993, by Reali Robinson IV which boasted two chapters of the organization by 1997. Meanwhile a campus activist group was formed in 2000 by Ron Gubitz and Jordan Bromley, with the same name. Later that year the two groups crossed paths on the internet. Most organizations would argue for rights on the name, but both Hip Hop Congress organizations saw opportunity instead of conflict. They decided to merge and embarked on a road of growth and development that neither side could have foreseen.

The Hip Hop Congress now has approximately twenty-nine chapters across America and a mirror organization that reaches out to Africa, France, Czech Republic, Belgium and England, namely Hip Hop Congress Europe. Chapters can be found doing their work on campuses, at various educational institutions and in the community, promoting the hip hop culture as a part of the Chapter Program, selling music and helping artists as a part of the Artist Program and managing websites on the Online Program. To involve the community and students, the Hip Hop Congress organizes almost two hundred events a year including seminars, concerts, festivals, expos, screenings and exhibitions. These fun filled and vibrant events are created by the Hip Hop Congress to promote and develop their mission in an interactive environment, and to build relationships and networking opportunities. Fundraising campaigns assist in creating spectacular events and each time the nine members of the national office get together, creativity and initiative fill the air, preparing the Hip Hop Congress for the next colorful project.