Tips for a Successful Gig

Any gig is a very important event for a musician, as it offers exposure, and for many it is even their livelihood. At any given time something can go wrong, especially when there is crowd of patrons involved. A speaker cable is damaged or the drummer suddenly finds he has a broken head. Moments like these can either make or break a band, and if the band has ensured that they are prepared for these possible disasters, they will be able to fix the problem quickly and continue with their gig. One cable bringing a gig to a standstill is any musician’s nightmare.

To ensure that a gig runs smoothly, a survival kit for bands is highly recommended to ensure that the show can go on no matter what happens. In general, it is suggested that the following items be on hand at any given moment: thumb tacks, pen or pencil, audio adapters, replacement AC cable, microphone cable, gaffers tape, scissors, duct tape, permanent marker, pocket knife, flash light, screw driver, important phone numbers, electricians tape and aspirin. Gaffer tape might sound like a strange essential requirement, but can come in handy if band members need to tape cords down, and even though it is a little more expensive than duct tape, it comes off cleanly, and leaves no residue or stickiness on the cords. Musicians will also need to make sure they have a back-up kit. For drummers it is recommended that they keep spare bass pedals, heads, lugs and drum keys; while guitarists should ensure they have amp fuses, a strap, vibrato arm and string available for replacement. Nail clippers might also sound like a strange accessory, but they do well as a small pair of wire cutters.

It is also recommended that bands ensure that they have surge protectors on their equipment, as well as extension cords just in case it is necessary. Batteries, spare picks, tuners, peg winders, string cleaner, a set of hex wrenches, spare mic stand clip and safety pins can also save the day as a quick wardrobe fix if a strap breaks. To ensure that a gig or concert goes according to plan, band members should always prepare for the worst to be able to overcome accidental situations and continue to entertain the audience with their talent and musical masterpieces.