Voting Begins for MTV O Awards

A typical awards evening, whether for music or film, usually goes hand in hand with a red carpet, stylish fashion, celebrities, well known hosts and a build up to the big and final award. For the inaugural awards evening of the O Awards, fans have been warned that MTV Network has put together an awards event like no other, and nothing that is generally associated with awards evenings will feature at the 2011 O Awards. No-one will know when an award is going to be given, who will be performing, and the names of the hosts will only be released closer to the evening, ensuring that it is a night of surprise and wonder.

The voting lines for the O Awards have opened and fans have been invited to go to their website and cast their own vote so that the winners for the 28 April 2011 event can be finalized. The uniqueness of the awards is evident in the categories that have been selected, such as: Best Performance Series, Must Follow Artist on Twitter, Funniest Music Short, Best Independent Music Blog, Fan Army FTW, Best Animal Performance and Most Viral Dance, to name a few. MTV Music Groups’ Vice President of Music Strategy, Shannon Connolly commented on the awards saying, “There will be an event, but it won’t be a traditional awards show with a host, audience and a bunch of celebrities. It will embody what the O Awards celebrates, which is being very interactive. We’ll have live performances, mash-ups, collaborations and it will be a Web event that will take place not just on MTV Music Group sites.”

Some of the artists, acts and people that have been nominated in the various categories include Hype Machine, Funny or Die, Katy Perry, Gorilla vs. Bear, Marshall Jones, Lonely Island, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Flaming Lips, Tyler the Creator, Rebecca Black, 50 Cent, Radiohead, Justin Bieber, Lil B, Tiny Desk Concerts, Arcade Fire, Robyn and Wiz Khalifa. Another feature that is very significant about the awards is the fact that it is interactive with the fans, and they are given the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote for their favorite nominee. The O Music Awards is a highly anticipated event, as no-one knows exactly what to expect.